About Us

About Lord Buddha Foundation

Lord Buddha Foundation is a non-profit foundation in India and to provide innovative technology driven solutions to the challenges that affect the global rural population in six areas; Water, Healthcare, Energy, Education, Livelihood and Sustainability. The organization partners with other NGO’s and non-profit organizations towards this aim.

Lord Buddha Foundation most active and effective in India Child Education is one of the NGOs. we leave slum school By focusing on people and actively tracking them, they to motivate them to go back to school, the studies they have missed through capturing and helping them get into schools

Trying to bring slum children into the mainstream.Our aim to run a child education NGO in UP is less literate Youth in Computers, Aesthetic Culture and Sewing, Cutting and Sewing To provide vocational training so that they can make a dependable livelihood earn and finally break the cycle of poverty.

To give back to India, by providing technological solutions to issues related with water, health, energy, education, livelihood, and sustainability.

Volunteer Opportunities:
Whether you’re a teacher, mentor, healthcare professional, or simply someone who wants to lend a helping hand, there are many ways to get involved as a volunteer. From teaching in our learning centers to providing healthcare services in slum communities, your skills and expertise can make a real difference in the lives of those we serve.

Partner With Us:
Are you part of an organization, company, or community group that shares our values and vision? We welcome partnerships and collaborations with like-minded organizations to amplify our impact and reach. By working together, we can achieve more and create lasting change in the world.

Spread the Word:
Help us raise awareness about the issues facing underprivileged communities and the importance of education and empowerment. Share our mission and stories with your friends, family, and networks on social media and beyond. Together, we can inspire others to join us in our efforts to create a more just and compassionate world.
Join us in our journey to create a world where every child has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and build a brighter future for all.